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About The Control Room

The Control Room is a comfortable, discreet and safe space in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia where submissives can come to explore interests and step away from the day-to-day hamster wheel that is ordinary life. We welcome those who are experienced as well as those who have absolutely NO experience. Every single person We train here is different, there is not one mold that fits all submissives. When We approach you in a session, We are looking to explore *you* and see what *you* are all about, what makes you tick, quiver, and expand your submissiveness for Us. That is what Our focus is on, not trying to make you into every other boy We've ever seen. 

We believe that submission should come from the inside out, and that it takes courage to submit. We understand that it takes a lot of trust to turn yourself over to a stranger;  this is a great responsibility We don't at all take lightly. We do, though, enjoy that responsibility. 

The Mistresses here are extraordinary. We genuinely each feel most Ourselves, most...exhuberant, most Goddess-like when We are training boys. Not one of Us here does this *simply just* for a paycheck; every single Mistress here does this because it feels like a calling, because We enjoy training boys, We enjoy leading you to subspace and stretching your currently perceived boundaries. We provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore things you often can't share with others closest to you for fear of ridicule, judgment, or just plain lack of understanding.

Mistress Scarlot formed The Control Room 15 years ago when She began training boys professionally after being in the lifestyle first (which She still is). What She saw was that the pro Domme community lacked Mistresses who bridged the gap between what a lifestyle Mistress offers and what a pro Domme offers. So many boys wanting to find personal Mistresses, but when turning to a pro Domme as the only temporary option found that having all of their needs catered to while someone watched a clock didn't really satisfy their desires for a more personal experience of domination.

Currently, Mistress Scarlot has two exceptional Dommes-in-training, whom She refers to as Her Proteges. That is because they are amazing, naturally dominant Women in their own right, and She trusts that what She teaches them will be the legacy She leaves when She is gone. 

We care for the boys that We train here. We are not boy-haters; We love boys and their potentials in the world! In fact, in many ways We think boys who are submissive to Women are the boys of the future, and find them in ways vastly superior to most men who call themselves alpha (much of which is false bravado or overcompensating for a need to be "manly"). We have trained many manly submissives, many girly submissives, and enjoy them all. But We do believe that many of the boys We see need guidance, discipline, and to embrace honestly and directly the power Women have over their lives. This is the perfect place to do just that. We're interested in your inner space where fantasies of submission often lie unexexplored. 

Some boys just need to feel that there is nothing wrong with them, even though their desires fall outside of the "norm". A session with a good Mistress can help with that. When you have fun exploring with a (relatively !) normal, sane, intelligent, fun, funny, kind--yet--strict but ultimately caring human being... suddenly your interests don't feel so weird and shameful...you don't feel so alone. 

Discretion here is a given. We all have lives outside of this arena, so feel discretion should always go both ways and understand its importance...and assume you do, as well. If you are married, this is a safe place to explore the things your spouse wouldn't understand. We have a lot of compassion for boys (and women) who committed before they were fully aware of the intensity of their desires, have no interest of upsetting family dynamics and commitments but still feel the need to explore safely. This is just a part of what We offer, here at The Control Room.