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What We Expect Of You...


Respect is an absolute expectation, not an option.

We are reasonable, intelligent, and discerning; We expect you to be the same.

We are not your girlfriend, nor are We escorts. We are Dominas. If you are a worthy boy, perhaps We'll want you for Our slave, servant, plaything and toy… for both Our amusement and exploration.

you will want Us and long for Us, but know that We belong to no man. To even know Us well is something that is earned, for We are very private.

Smart slaves and submissives know that a truly powerful Woman is grown from within, and will pay attention and obey Her naturally. Please don’t come into Our world expecting to boss Us around, because We will put naughty boys right in their place. ::smile::

Pushy, disrespectful boys will be shown the door. We give what We please and no more; that is Our inalienable right as Women and Dommes, and therefore you will never have a doubt as to whether We're into 'it' (no matter what the 'it' is that We may be doing to or with you).

We dominate boys because it reinforces Our power in the world and because We love it, not because We're desperate for money or can be “bought”.


If you are granted permission for an audience, We have some very basic hygiene expectations. Floss and brush your teeth and hair the morning of your appointment. Make sure your body and especially your ass is clean. your clothes should be clean and shouldn't look as if they have been stored on your floor for a week.

If these things aren't right, We will surely find creative ways to train you during your session in brushing and flossing, cleaning ass, and ironing. ::smile::  While We're quite sure you would find this training humiliating, and that would amuse Us, perhaps you’d better plan on making a good impression instead.::smile::

Boys who shave their packages please Us greatly; however, it is not a requirement in order to serve Us. If you have never been shaved and would like to incorporate that into a session, it is an erotic, humiliating, thrilling experience to be completely shaved by a Mistress. you may request this experience for your session.


Be on time, or We will simply find a creative way to punish you and teach you to be more mindful in the future.

What You Can Expect...

Our play space is private, secure, safe, warm, clean, and comfortable. It is in an upscale, residential, suburban area. 

Once you walk through the door, We will take control of you straight away. How We choose to train you from that point on really depends on Our whims and desires, taking into consideration your interests which overlap with Our own.

If you have no prior training at all (or lackluster training), you will have to first be taught how to be with a Mistress, and how to truly serve a Mistress in any way She requires. We do not expect you to walk through Our door knowing Our ways, and in truth, every Mistress is different. you will learn. ::smile::

For the time that you are here, you are Ours…Ours to put to work, toy with....Our little plaything to amuse Us.

With that said, as smart and very good Mistresses We recognize that there are things that will compel you to be good, obedient boys, and We enjoy using your own interests and fantasies as motivators and rewards. you/do/ want to please your Mistress...don't you? ::smile::

Physical "release" is not the intent of your training with Us; and if you release without permission, these Mistresses will not be pleased. It is with Our permission and mercy only that you are granted the release you so desperately long for when in Our presence. 

Warning: if you make a mess, don't be surprised if We expect you to clean it up...and We don't mean with paper towels. ; ) 


Since many of you ask, gifts are not expected. However, gifts are always welcome, pleasing, and in good taste. We do have Wish Lists; you may also ask Us for other ideas or things We might need, want, or enjoy.

Your Role:

Your role in all of this (besides worshiping Us as living representatives of Goddess, being obedient, and doing as We say, of course!) is to be honest with your Mistress; to share with Us your fantasies, prior experience, interests, limits. Communication is vital. Our exploration of you should be exciting to all involved, and with good and clear communication, it will be.

New to this D/s Thing?

If you are new and contemplating your first real-life submissive experience, how wonderful! We all truly enjoy being a boy's first experience of D/s. The path of a submissive/slave is a path of courage, of stepping into the unknown-that-can’t-be-known.

Remember, chances are that the worst that will happen is you won’t like it. ::smile:: Not liking something is not the end of the world. It’s better to try and know, than to not try and wonder. We promise, We’ve yet to see a boy run away from Us, screaming in terror. We are not looking to terrorize you (unless you ask), but to train you in Our ways and in the ways of bdsm. Our biggest fetish is honestly that We love stretching your experience base to include new possibilities.