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Ms Brilliance

We have many interests! If you don't see yours listed here, feel free to reach out and ask as this list here is hardly exhaustive:

  • Bondage

  • Flogging/Spanking/Cropping

  • Slave Training

  • Domestic Servant/Maid/Houseboy Training

  • Orgasm Control

  • Tease and Denial

  • CFNM (Clothed Female/naked male)

  • Humiliation

  • Foot/shoe/leg worship (including stinky feet!)

  • CBT

  • Ballbusting

  • Chastity Training/Key Holder Services

  • NT (nipple 'torture')

  • Slut Training

  • Stretching Training of all sorts : ) 

  • Strap-on Sucking Training

  • 'Forced' Experiences

  • Infantilism

  • Play Piercing

  • Sissification/Girlfriend/Make-Up Services

  • 'Forced' Femme

  • Wax Play

  • Food Play

  • Smoking Fetish

  • Objectification

  • Sounding

  • Trampling

  • Corporal Punishment (Caning, etc.)

  • Chronic Masturbation Training

  • Spitting

  • Face Slapping

  • Golden Training

  • Sensory Deprivation

  • Financial Domination/Blackmail (Consensual ONLY!!)

  • Ask if you don't see your interest here!

I am Ms Brilliance. I am intelligent, a stunning beauty, curvy, tall and imposing. I am very good at playing 'bad cop' to My sister Mistress' 'good cop', but don't be fooled. We like to switch those roles up just to keep you boys on your toes. I am sensual always, yet can switch to ice princess quite quickly if I am not pleased. 

I began training with Mistress Scarlot years ago, first as Her music student (true story) and later as Her protege. Unfortunately, I had to put My training on hold for a long while due to personal reasons. With that said, I am absolutely elated to be back to continue learning and growing in experience and understanding of My innate Goddess power. I have always had a sense of that power, but My time here with Mistress Scarlot has helped reveal it to My conscious mind. 

With every experience here, I find My own interests growing. Things I never thought would be enjoyable and even take delight in, I've discovered that learning the art of domination and participating in new interests with the right person is an amazing, fun experience...and quite intimate too. It expands Me as a human, as a Woman, and as a living representation of the Goddess.  I enjoy sharing that space with boys, and learning about boys and how different you all are. 

Personally, I am also well on My way to becoming a Sex Therapist. I believe My experience here at The Control Room will be invaluable as I move into clinical practice, and I hope to help many people in the D/s, bdsm, poly, and LGBTQ communities. I am an Aries, if you'd like to know (fire sign). I am an avid animal lover, activist, and a musician, as well. 

Note from Mistress Scarlot: Ms Brilliance and I may not be blood relatives, but She is a true soul sister to Me and resides in My heart. She is an amazing human being, and I see Her endless potentials. I'm very fortunate to have such amazing proteges to carry on My legacy.