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Session Information


STD Safety:  We do not EXCHANGE body fluids with submissives. This is for your safety and protection as well as Ours. This policy allows for truly safe play. We are responsible Kinkstresses, with a great deal of self-respect, and a strong desire to remain healthy, strong, and STD/disease-free. I advocate STD education and safer-sex practices; this healthy, responsible attitude should endear me to the *right* submissives and steer away those with other ideas about safety. ::smile::

With that said, We sometimes will put together two submissives for Our entertainment and amusement. This is great fun, but We won't do this with submissives new to Us, or without STD testing first, unless protection is used.

Any toys that are used as part of your session will have a condom placed on them before use. Our toys are sterilized between every session. We take pride in cleanliness and safety.

Limits/Safewords:  Your hard and soft limits will certainly be discussed and respected, yet artfully tested (particularly soft limits).  We are not a fan of safewords in general, as we believe it gives too much control to the submissive. But We do give you a tool to use for when you're coming upon the edges of your limits. It won't stop the action, but it will ensure that We're listening and paying attention more intently. We may change what We're doing slightly, lighten up, go slower, etc.

The only time a safeword can be useful is if you're feeling faint, something is hurting you that We're not meaning to cause (like a cramp, joint pain, etc.) But in those cases, rather than a safeword We would prefer you to use your words and tell Us exactly what is happening so that We can help you as quickly as possible. your health and safety come first, always. you are a human being first and a submissive after that. Even if it's just a leg cramp, that's going to distract you from whatever We're doing to you intentionally because even a cramp can be very painful. 

About Pain:  Pain is not everyone's "thing". Yet nearly every submissive We have ever trained who says "I don't like pain"...winds up at least greatly enjoying a sensual spanking or flogging, or light cbt. There is a difference between "heavy pain" and "pain"...and there is a wide spectrum between mild discomfort and harsh, unbearable pain. Not everyone craves a heavy whipping, and that's perfectly ok. Pain does not have to be your "kink" in order to serve Us. Pain is only one possible way to control a boy, and is quite compelling if used properly, responsibly, judiciously. Pleasure is another means to control a boy that is a favorite of Ours, and it's quite compelling! The two can be artfully combined to create sensations you've not experienced before in your vanilla world, and We enjoy helping you to learn these things. With that said, We also love playing with pain sluts! But We don't expect ALL boys to be pain sluts. 



We enjoy having fun in sessions and laughing at your expense. We enjoy boys who look forward to giving themselves over to beautiful, intelligent, intense Goddesses who want to explore you. We like to think of ourselves as boy-scientists. ::smile::

The Mistresses at The Control Room believe We offer something fresh and different than the usual. We bridge the gap between lifestyle Mistresses and the pro dommes who only think of boys as clients and do this just to make a dollar. We do this because it's a calling, something We greatly enjoy that enhances Our lives, and hopefully yours as well. We provide a valuable, safe service. 

 At this time, Mistress Scarlot is the only Mistress  available for single domme sessions. Mistress Bunny, and Ms Brilliance are available to session with Ms Scarlot for two-Domme or even triple-Domme sessions. Our availability is limited. Mistress Scarlot has the most availability, which is generally during the weekdays in the afternoons. 

If you need a day and time outside of this availability, it's possible We can arrange it...but there will be an extra fee to do so. 

On Tribute...

Tribute is paid for the privilege of being in Our space and having Our complete and rapt attention for the time you are here…as well as to show respect for Our valuable time and energy, including the painstaking preparations We do before your visit (literally hours), and tending to the cleaning and sterilizing afterward. The work of a session is honestly done before and after. The session itself is the fun part!  

Your tribute simply gets you through the door, and tells Us that you are serious in your desire and intent to be in the control of a Domina. This is not quite the same as a"fantasy-service-for-a-fee" that many other pro-Dominas offer, which places the submissive in the “Top” position, calling all the shots of a session. However, understand that if you are a good boy for your Mistress/es, We will likely feel inclined to explore your own interests, because We will want to see what their effect is on you. And your fantasies provide Us with great fodder for rewards that will motivate your training.

In general, We only see one boy in any given day. Considering the prep, the clean up, and the exhaustion afterward from 'top space', We feel one session a day is important in order to keep the quality up to Our high standards. 


Please note:
  • We do prefer discerning boys, who are interested in becoming part of Our outer court, developing a longer-term D/s relationship than can be achieved in just one visit.

  • We will ask questions of you before scheduling you; We're quite particular about who We will see. We don't just agree to see every boy eager to hand Us tribute. We only see boys whose interests are compatible with Our own. If your interest is not Ours, We will tell you that and perhaps point you in a direction more suitable. Be polite, sincere and respectful, answer Our questions honestly, communicate clearly and effectively, follow Our instructions, and you will likely pass Our screening.

  • 420-friendly boys are most welcome. you may let Us know when you write if this applies to you.



Our strong recommendation for a first session is 2 hours. This honestly provides the best quality experience, as nothing is rushed, there is more time to build rapport and trust, and there is also have time for aftercare (should it be needed). The shortest session We offer is 1.5 hours, feeling that 1 hour isn't enough time for anything of real quality to occur. Longer sessions are also available. 

  • A 2 hour session with Mistress Scarlot is 500. To add another Mistress is only 150 extra. The rates to add one of the newer Mistresses is quite low, as they are learning and growing in experience. That makes it a good time to take advantage of that. Plus, what's more fun than one Mistress?  ha ha ha TWO, of course. : ) 

  • The shortest session W/we offer is 1.5 hours, and 360 . To add another Mistress is only 125 extra! Again, the additional rate will be going up in the near future, as the newer Mistresses grow and learn.  If you want a longer session than 2 hours, contact Me for rates. 

  • Special sessions may be arranged with advance notice. For instance, domination sessions for couples for two hours with Mistress Scarlot is 600. To add an additional Mistress is 150 more. CD makeup and shopping trips can be arranged; email to inquire. If you have an idea for a session outside of what you see here, don't be shy. Contact Us and ask! 


In-Person Sessions...